Sunday, January 13, 2013

SMLA: Pajama Sets

In last week's Sunday Morning Love Affair I talked about how much I am loving my new bed, and I briefly mentioned that sleeping in my Christmas pajamas makes it that much better!

I have always been a boxers and t-shirt sleeper, but oh how things have changed! And I would say for the better. These days I am loving pajama sets. 

Having my pajamas in sets makes picking out what I am wearing easier, they are already matched and just seem to put me in a much better, calmer place. 

To me pajama sets are like getting into a made bed, not needed but much more calming and relaxing. Things are ready for you, already prepared for your comfort and visually appealing. 

(from Gap 1, 2)

I use to have many more sets, but these days it is just the one. I think sleep is a very important part in my life, and so if these pajamas are going to hep me "sleep better" then I think they are a much needed purchase. And I think the shorts and short sleeve set will be perfect for the warm nights, whenever they come!

What do you sleep in? Am I totally crazy? 

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