Friday, January 11, 2013

The Story of the Lost Dog

The other day I was feeling good. I had done my hair, actually worn make up, accessorized, and loved my outfit. And this was all extra impressive due to the fact I had been exhausted every morning to the point where keeping my eyes open was painful.  My eye drop bottle is still far too low.
Well I had had a few meetings, interacted with co-workers, and it wasn’t until I was in line for lunch that someone mentioned my earrings. Or should I say erring. A co-worker was complementing them, and then said “oh wait, there is only one.” So I retraced my steps, my office, the kitchen, conference rooms, other offices, and no luck.
Later on my boss comes into my office and I ask if she saw it in her office, since I had an early morning meeting with her. And she said “oh no, but I did notice you only had one on! I thought you did it on purpose, maybe it was bothering you, or you were trying something new!” Um NO, I was not! How embarrassing and awful, I had been walking around with one earring all day.
I started to think maybe, in my sleep deprived state, I only put one on that morning. I couldn’t remember putting both on, but that didn’t mean I didn’t.
Well last night I found it. On the tray I keep all my earrings when I take them off. Right there. In front of my face. I had only put ONE earring on.
I need more sleep.

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  1. Aww that is an awful feeling and proof of exhaustion. I've been there in the form of only one eye having mascara and eyeliner on it. That was awkward. Good thing it's Friday!

    xx - Danielle