Monday, January 14, 2013

EITNB: Support Systems

(i am 99% sure that I know these girls in the above photo and this photo is at my beach, but I can be positive)

I am pretty introverted. I enjoy staying in, I enjoy spending time alone, working on projects, and being an all around homebody. While it is my default mood, I also love traveling, having adventures, and getting together with girlfriends. I enjoy those social things in small doses,  I enjoy having a weekend away once in awhile, and spending a few hours out doing things, but I definitely need time at home to re-charge.

I would say I have a great support system for every day life. My parents are wonderful, Andrew is always supportive and encourage, and my friends, while spread out these days, are fantastic as well. I can talk to them all about anything, but they don't always understand parts of my life, and so I am really craving friends around town, and people who can help me get to the next step in life. 

I can say that my current day job is in no way fulfilling, and at the end of the I am spent. All I really want to do is go home, curl up on the couch and watch Netflix with a glass of wine. But that is in no way productive to me, or to my future. I know I want to change my life, but being so worn out and drained a the end of the day is taking its toll on my mood and my well being.

Over the past few months I have noticed how much I am craving a social outlet, and getting together with other ladies who have similar goals and having a support system. Over the past few months I have been trying to put myself more into that world and open myself up more. I have gone to LevoLocal events, and met some amazing women, I have reached out more to people who I admire, I have met with people in hopes to get more guidance, and it has mostly been great. I have met with some people I didn't necessarily click with, and some I have.

While LocalLevo has been a great starting point I want to take it further. Danielle and I have toyed with the idea of creating a blogger/entrepreneurs support group that would bring people like us, who want to break into small business ownership, and hopefully those who are a bit more established. It seems like such a big scary world out there, and there are so many options and things to do, that just knowing where to start has been the worst thing for me. I know there are other people out there who feel like they are going down this path alone, and thats no fun. 

If anyone out there is interested in joining or even wants to chat, email me kgillett8 @ gmail(dot)com. I would love to help bring people together!

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