Tuesday, March 19, 2013

San Luis Obispo

I am always so envious of people who go on a vacation, and blog about it the next day! I always take so many photos, and want to edit them, but it always takes longer than I think! 

I am starting to think of it as re-living my trip again when I go through the pictures a couple days later.

One of the perks of Andrew being in law school, is he has spring break. Even though I  was very jealous that he was sleeping in, hanging out at the beach, and going on day trips, we had plans to go up to San Luis Obispo for a long weekend!

The last weekend of his spring break happened to coincide with my dads birthday, so we thought we would celebrate together. My dad goes up to San Luis Obispo every chance he can, and I think he would even if my brother wasn't in school there!

The first couple of nights Andrew and I stayed in the cutest bed and breakfast. Each room was themed, and of course we picked the Cape Cod room. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos, but we had a large sitting room, bedroom, and a fireplace that divided the two rooms. The last night we stayed at the inn across the street, a favorite of my dad's and step moms. Each had breathtaking views, complimentary wine and cheese hour, and the best breakfast at the Back Bay Cafe.

It rained the first few days that we were up there, which put a damper on our farmers market and hiking plans, but allowed me to wear my favorite pair of Hunters! It also allowed us to explore downtown without almost anyone around! The above photo is of the absolutely disgusting, but weirdly famous Gum Wall. It supposedly started after WWII by the high school class.


I truly fell in love with the central coast that weekend. On one side of the freeway it was so green and lush that it looked as if we were driving through Ireland. But, on the other side it was pure coastal towns. There were so many little towns scattered along that we only got to explore a couple. One of my favorites was Morro Bay. That huge rock is called the Morro Bay rock and is surrounded by the craziest winds and surf. We some a couple of kids! getting in wet suits and paddling out!


We also drove up the coast to the entrance to Big Sur. It is the craziest road, with little to no guard rails, and plunging cliffs. I had to sit back and close my eyes because I just couldn't watch! We lucked out and the clouds had burned off by the time we stopped and had an almost perfectly clear view all the way up and down the coast!

If you have never been to Central California, I highly recommend it. It is the perfect spot for weekend getaways and filled with bed and breakfasts'!
Or be a tourist in your own backyard. It is so fun to discover places you love, that you can return again and again!


  1. Beautiful! I've always wondered what San Luis Obsispo looked like. My uncle's sister has lived there for years.


  2. Gahh I'm so jealous. These pictures made me crave California and the Pacific so bad. You and the boy look phenomenal. I hope you guys enjoyed your trip and V and I will definitely have to hit up Central California asap and make a pitstop in LA of course. ;)

    xx - Danielle