Monday, March 18, 2013

Harriet Ann Creative

I started EITNB because I myself, want to be am an entrepreneur!  
I recently launched my own company, Harriet Ann Creative! It is in the very early stage, but I am so excited about it! I am trying very hard to just go ugly early! Launch with what you have, and then grow/improve from there.
Over the past couple of months my love for stationary, design, and branding have grown! I often find myself working till late, missing meals, and neglecting my phone, all without realizing! HAC is my place to combine these passions, and help celebrate your life!
It is all a work in progress. I have spent so much time worrying about getting things perfect, being at the right place in life, having X number of followers here first, etc etc. I have realized that I will always have an excuse to put it off, I will always want to improve something, and I will never actually get anywhere with it.
So instead, I am starting it now, trying to spread the word, and learn as I go. There will never be a perfect time to go for it, so I am just going now! Going ugly early means things can only improve!
I posted so fun pintables for Easter and spring that I have been attaching to everything recently!


  1. Congratulations on launching your new business! how exciting. :))

    just responding to your comment from a week back or so? You studied in Granada for 6 months?!? You must tell me all of your favorite & must see places. Would you maybe like to write a guest post on it? :) Send me an email if you do! xx

  2. Congrats!! That is so awesome that you have started your own business! And what is perfect is that I have been planning to get some stationery!! (I wonder if I could use more exclamation marks?!! haha) Anyways, I would love to get some stationery from you to help you get started, do you a specific email you'd want to be contact at?

    1. You are so sweet! You can email me at! And one can never use too many exclamation marks!