Thursday, February 7, 2013

TBT: Chile

I thought it would be fun to dedicated todays post to the ever so popular throw back Thursday (or TBT).

Spring semester seems to be the most popular time to study abroad (which is when I did!) and a couple of my friends are currently living around the world. Seeing them upload photos on Instagram, Facebook, etc has made me nostalgic for South America. 

I spent my spring semester of my junior year in Vina Del Mar, Chile. I fought my parents tooth and nail to go back to Europe, but because I had already studied there, and lived there, they were dead set on me going South. I am so glad that they did. Chile was amazing, and being able to travel around South America was an incredible opportunity! 

My study abroad group was much smaller than normal groups. We had 18 students, all from my university at home, which made our bond that much stronger. We spent our days in class, our afternoons at the beach, and the nights at our favorite bars. Our absolute favorite place was Journal, the red building above. We spent more night there than anywhere else, I actually remember it was the first bar I went to on my first night. 

Chile was filled with weekend trips, wine tastings, bike rides, beach days, dancing the night away, more freedom then I have ever had, and the best memories. 

If you have never been to South America, I highly recommend putting it on your list! I have so many recommendations I would love to share.

And if you are thinking about studying abroad, do it. Don't think twice about it. I have never, ever, met a person who regretted it. Heck, I've never met anyone who hasn't said it was there best semester, no matter where you go!

I think I am off to go through the rest of my hundres of Chile pictures while I am feeling all sentimental. 

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