Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aren't we all just playing dress up?

I had a stunning realization yesterday, we are the big kids. Yes, I know that isn't really worthy of an "ah-ha" moment, but it was for me.

I was in a meeting with some co-workers and representatives from another company; they were demonstrating how a new feature of their products works. These guys boys men were around my age, wearing suites they don't quite know how to wear yet, giving a presentation and answering questions, just like we did in school.

Yet, we weren't in school. We were in a real conference room, with real executives, and this wasn't for a grade. There was no friends to look at for a supporting nod, no classmate dozing off in the back, or another checking facebook. People cared about what was said, the accuracy mattered, and our professionalism counted.

Maybe this is just a big shock for me. And maybe it is because I am going through the all to common "20 something what am I doing" crisis, but it was a reality check for me! 
We are the grown ups, the ones being groomed to run the world, and we are all still just playing dress up!

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