Thursday, February 28, 2013

A book for the ages...

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At the beginning of the year I talked about how I was wasn't make "New Year resolutions" but working towards completing my "25 by 25."

One of the things on that list is to Start or join a book club. When I was younger, my mom and I were in a mother daughter book club with a group of our good friends, and it was a blast! Yes, I loved reading, but I loved having all my friends together (and their moms!), eating good food, and chatting about everything, even more! 

I always loved when my mom and I got to host, we spent the day baking treats, decorating the living room in a theme that went along with the book, and getting ready. Everyone always said my mom hosted the best book club, helping her put it together must be where my love of hostessing comes from!

I think starting a book club is great way to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to meeting new people!  I am far too analytical for my own good, love a glass of wine, or coffee, and reading; isn't that the ingredients for a great book club anyways?

I am trying to start a book club with some girls I met through LocalLevo, but would love to start one here too! I thought it would be fun to try to combine the two for the first go!  

I picked up Rules of Civility a couple weeks back and am so glad I did! Whenever I wonder in to small, independent book stores, I have a very hard time walking out without picking something up! I love to support the shops as well as read a real book! 

I started reading this last weekend and had to force myself to stop. I could have easily read the entire thing in one weekend, but I want to have it be fresh in my mind to discuss!

Mornings at Pannikin was named after the lovely mornings I have at Pannikin Coffee Shop, drinking coffee, working, and reading, so I feel like it is only fitting to have this book club be over coffee, or tea, on a leisurely weekend morning. So please join me on Saturday March 30th to chat about Rules of Civility! 

Email, or comment below if you are interested! 
{kgillett8 at gmail dot com}

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