Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Santa Barbara Getaway

the beautiful library
isn't he cute?!

Over the long weekend, Andrew and I took a quick road trip up to Santa Barbara. 
We didn't orginally have any plans, and decided last minuet to head up The weather was beyond perfect, and it is still off season, so it wasn't too crowded.

The first place we stopped was Backyard Bowls for a Green Monster Acai Bowl. Backyard Bowls is a family favorite, but I have never gotten the green one (there is broccoli in it! and lots of green veggies) but I am so glad I did! If you are ever in Santa Barbara I highly reccomend checking it out. Also, it is right next to the coffee shop.

We spent the day walking up and down state street, that was the perfect mix of people watching and window shopping. We had a great lunch at Blush, and picked up some amazing painted post cards.

Around sunset we headed down to the beach to walk around the boardwalk and pier. I ended up picking out the boat I want when we move up there, in about 50 years! 

We realized later on, that this last minuet trip was something on our 101 in 1001 list! 
Two birds!

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