Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blue with envy: Kitchen Space

Recently I have been drawn to kitchen spaces above all. Even though my bedroom really needs to most attention at the moment, and a lot of work to get to be a functional, organized, efficient space, I cant help but spend my time day dreaming of a remolded, custom kitchen. 

I have decided that I have a color, blue. I always default to it, most of my closet centers around it, and I have always pick it when I have color choices. It is not that I dont't love other colors, mostly red, but blue really seems to take over in everything I do. Blue is so easy to pair with whites, greys,  neutrals  and so I do! 

So that first kitchen, with the white tile, marble counter tops (swoon), and light wood, I die. If I was doing my kitchen tomorrow, that would be the source of major inspiration. 

I love the red knobs in the second photo, and all the greys and stainless in the third. 

Everyone always ends up in the kitchen during holidays, get togethers, and daily life, so I think the kitchen should get a huge amount of attention when being designed. Not that I am near that stage, but I do love a good kitchen wherever I live. 

And this hidden coffee station, an absolute must!

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