Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I have been hearing the word habit all over recently, it was on a podcast, a friend was reading a book about the way we form habits and why, and most people seem very intent on making actions habits this year (hello, new years resolutions). But it was this post by the marvelous Emily (who I am a huge fan of) that really hit home.

She identifies little actions that she wants to turn into habits by the end of the year and makes them her "daily habits." She picks just a few to focus on, and then gradually adds more. One of my biggest deterrers of goals/resolutions, is they tend to be big changes, and made to be permanent, but this way you are concentrating on small things that you can work on over time. 

One of mine is that I want to keep my car clean and be sure to empty it each day. I know that one of the reasons I tend to skip over that is because I tend to have a bunch of loose ends and it would be completely empty so I just dont do it at all. In order for me to make it a habit, I need to at least start taking a couple of things each time, never go inside without grabbing something, and putting things in bags or purses so they are easier to grab.

Another is I want to floss more. I dont floss near as much as I should and I know it is because it is not easily accessible. So I grabbed a bag of the "floss buddies"at the store, put them in a mason jar, and put it in my cabinet. Now I have no excuses. 

Other are work outfit the night before//wear make up//make bed every morning//prep breakfast//follow the 60 second rule//concentrate on one thing at a time//stand until 6pm//stay active.

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  1. Love these, Kimberly!! This system has truly worked marvelously for me, so I hope it's just as good for you! And P.S., flossing nightly was one of my 2012 goals, and though I used to be horrible about doing it, it's now second nature! Good luck!!