Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Weekend

Can you believe it is already January 18th?! I feel like time is going at double speed, yet some how this was the longest week. It never seemed to end. But it will at 3pm today, for three whole days!

My crazy parents are up in San Francisco with a group of friends, and they are riding down the coast to LA. Crazy, I told you. 

One of my parents (many) companies is a triathlon club and this weekend they are doing a coast ride. My crazy parents, and a group of friends, are up in San Francisco and are riding down to LA in the next three days. Crazy, I told you. They asked me to make tags for the backpacks they are giving out so they are easily identifiable when they need something on their hundred plus mile days. 

I had so much fun designing the tags, and personalizing them for each person and the team. 

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I am spending this weekend organizing my room, baking, and hoping to just not get sick. I am feeling the beginning signs of that awful flu and I am determined to fend it off. 

Happy weekend!

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