Saturday, January 5, 2013

Becoming Santa

I watch a lot of Netflix. The ability to watch an entire season of a show, and get completely hooked, as well as discover new shows and movies, it is like Netflix instant was made for me. 

I am trying to use this Netflix obsession to not only further my obsession with Gossip Girl and The Office, but learn something and better myself through Documentaries. 

Netflix has so many documentaries on so many topics, my queue is getting far too long. I have watched everything from First Position (and then about 5 more dance documentaries) to movies on the the Civil War. 

Last night I watched Becoming Santa, and for someone who was a bit of a grinch this year, with little holiday spirt, I am sure getting into it now. Becoming Santa told the story on how people literally become Santa, from Santa School to christmas eve sneak peaks, I was hooked. I laughed and cried and was shown just how the spirt of Santa and Christmas can easily last through out the entire year.

If you have time this weekend, and are suffering from post holiday blues, I recommend checking this one out. 

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