Monday, December 31, 2012

EITNB: Passion

I think each generation has their struggles. While we are dealing with both wars and an economic struggle/depression/recession, I don't think that is what will define our generation at the end of the day, at least not for women. 

We seem to be the generation who can have it all, do what ever we want, but also still has the guilt of trying to please everyone else. We are constantly told that we can do whatever we want, we can beat the guys, we can run the world, and if we don't we aren't living up to our potential. And everyone has their two cents about what you are doing, how you should do it better, and why they know best.

Personally I feel like I am being pulled in 10 different directions at all time. In the same conversation my dad can tell me that I need to do what makes me happy, figure out what I love and go after it, but that I also need to do x, y, and z to be successful. I could not be more confused in life. 

I think our generation of women believes our struggle is trying to have it all and trying to climb the corporate ladder, but really, I think our struggle is trying to just figure out what we want. There are so many website, groups, blogs popping up about women helping women, and I think that is great! But they are all so focused on women helping women climb the corporate ladder and "being one of the boys." I think the idea is great but it gets a little skewed. 

I think that this generation needs to learn to be supportive of each other no matter what the other person wants to be. Having it all is relative. I don't want to "have it all" because I dont want it "all." I dont need to be the major breadwinner, the perfect mom, run marathons, make every meal, be a size zero, volunteer, and go out and have a fabulous social life. I dont want all of that, but yes I do want some of it. And what I choose to have, what I make a priority, I will love and I will make work and that will be my "all."

I don't need to have it all right now, I don't enjoying going out and ragging every weekend, it is exhausting and I don't even have fun. I like going out once in a while, but I'd rather make a nice dinner, or go out to a wine bar or tapas with a couple of friends. I have learned that I am not the norm, but I am okay with that. I am okay with who I am and have learned that doing what I want will make me 100 times more happy then doing what everyone else thinks someone my age should be doing. 

Not everyone lives the way I live, or wants the life that I want, but that is okay. I am not going to try to convert them to see the world the way I see it because everyone has their own version of happiness. 

The girl who wants to become CEO of the next Fortune 500 company, or heck start the next Fortune 500 company is no better, nor happier then the one who wants to start her own small business, or be a mom when the time comes. My hope for this generation is that we are able to just be supportive of each other. This generation is full of ambitious  creative, dedicated hard working women, who just want to be happy and find their passion.

I had a couple of weeks where all I felt was discouraged, I had no desire to do anything besides get through the day and try to sort things out. And then last week, something clicked, I had a burst of inspiration and desire to work hard and move forward. I cant say what changed, all I know is I am glad it did. 

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