Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Love Affair: Customer Service

(cards via Design Darling)

I understand the economy is tough. I am a recent college graduate, I know its hard out there. So I never understand why business aren't clamoring to keep their customers and keep them happy.

Maybe I am alone on this, but customer service, is huge to me. If I find a company that does what it can to make my experience pleasurable, I am going to come back. If the staff (or worse, the management) is rude, unhelpful, cold, pushy, I won't come back. 

Most of the time, business with the best customer service, are those that are on the more expensive side, but not always. It cost little, if not nothing to have good customer service, mostly time. A hand written note makes a huge impression, timely email responses are wonderful, and a reasonable return policy, all cost mostly time, and make me appreciated.

Andrew recently got me a couple of things from Tuckernuck, on of them was the Sunday Bag. I absolutely love it but there was a small tear in the side, and I knew it would only get worse. I emailed them to inquire about their return policy with monogramed items, and not only did I get a response from Emily within an hour, but she said it was no problem to exchange, sent me a replacement bag, and once I received that bag, I shipped it back for free. It could have taken days, and I could have been told that since it was monogramed I was out of luck, but it was the easiest process. I will definitely be shopping with Tnuck in the future, and it doesn't hurt that I want almost everything they offer.

Mackenzie over at Design Darling runs another wonderful company. She included a hand written note in all of her wonderfully packed items. I am also a sucker for packaging, take some time to pack things in a appeasing manner and I am your customer for life.

I have dealt with a few companies that have been extremely disappointing to work with. The worst is when their mission statement discusses their goal of helping others and making your day better. So while, it is always awful to have a bad experience with a business, it makes me appreciate those who put customer service first.  

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  1. I totally agree with this post! Nothing grabs a repeat customer like a little personalization. The owner of Maybooks sends her product in adorable packaging & responded to my email almost right away. oh, and has gorgeous stuff. lucky girl you are!