Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whisky Inspired Motivation

Last night I went to another #LocalLevo event with some wonderful women. I always feel like I am the most awkward person in social situations, so forcing myself to go events like these is a big deal. I always want to back out last minuet, but at the end of the event I am always glad I went. 

Last night we went to a whisky bar downtown and it was a new experience.  I haven't been able to drink vodka for a good amount of time, the smell of it makes me sick, even the thought of drinking it makes me gag, so I am always looking for new drink options, and whiskey was great. I love the idea of being able to drink a "mans" drink and actually enjoy it. Have you read the Levo article about whisky? I  suggest mixing up some whiskey, honey, and lemon drinks this weekend.  

As great as the drinks were, the conversation is what really made the night great. There were 3 lawyers and an account there, all who are extremely successful in there given fields. Just listening to them talk motivates me to continue to work hard so that one day I can be in their position. 

At one point towards the end of the night, Courtney (who put on the event!) brought up the fact that I wanted to start my own company, I was hesitant to talk about because I have been extremely paranoid that if I talk about it, someone else will start it before I get the chance to. I knew that if I was serious I would eventually have to tell people about it, and perfect that elevator pitch down, and also, I did not want to seem rude to people who were only there to support me.

Well, of course I was so glad I did talk because I got a great reaction and such positive feedback. I sort of stubbled through the explanation and that was hard, but it taught me that I need to pin down what I want to do and learn how to best explain it. I need to practice, and they were a great group to start that with. 

All in all it was a great night full of new drinks, great women, and a ton of encouragement. I am already looking forward to the next event (the week before Thanksgiving, filled with goodies right?)

Also it made me that much more excited about Making Brands Happen Webinar coming up soon! The deadline for early bird signups is October 31st, and the event is November 7th! They are offering a video re-play if you are unable to make the actual event. Also they have a twitter, how did it take me so long to find it?! I love following them and learning about the clients they work with and the wonderful business they run! 

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