Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello Weekend

image via Olliy girls

The weeks seem like they are flying by! While normally I would consider that a great thing, it only means the weekends are just as quick. I feel like time is moving far too fast and I just want everything to s l o w down.

It always happens this time of year, so many holidays coming up, so many great things about fall and winter, and never enough time to fit it all in, or even take a deep breath.

I have zero plans this weekend, which will prove to be either very productive (crossing things off, getting things done!) or very lazy. I am aiming for a healthy mix of both.

I have some ricotta cheese in my fridge that is dying to be used this weekend. I think these pumpkin ricotta pancakes sound like the perfect pancake Sunday recipe. Or maybe go a little far from the normal pancake and have honey roasted plums and ricotta crisontis. And for dinner grilled portabella mushrooms with ricotta and garlic or ricotta griddle cakes.
And of course either this winter old fashion (made with whiskey!) or sparking pumpkin cider beer.

Don't forget about the Making Brands Happen Webinar coming soon! And check out their twitter.
Whatever you do this weekend, don't forget to take time to enjoy the weekend like a kid!

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