Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby Steps

I first heard about the "Make Things Happen" through Tumblr, of course. I clicked through someone's post and without really knowing what MTH was I started following them. The Tumblr posted insperational, but long, post every now and them, and I would read a bit. This was all about a year ago. Since then I discovered the MTH website/movement, Emily Ley and Lara Caseys own blogs, Lara Casey's Southeren Wedding Magazine, Emily Ley's adorable shop and of course their combined Making Brands Happen.  (Plus they both have the cutest little munchinks ever!)

Through MBH, Lara and Emily work with mostly small business to help them brand and streamline their companies. They only take a select group of clients per year so they are able to give each client the attention they deserve, and such they are in such high demand, they have sold out!

As I mentioned here, I am in the process of figuring how to start my own business and I feel know that working with Emily and Lara would be wonderful. They came to my town a little bit ago for a stop on their MTH tour and I was unable to attend due to commitments, and now they are sold out for the year. I feel that I am missing opportunities and I don't want to let that stop me. 

But they are hosting a webinar on November 7th at 1pm EST which is not the most convenient time for someone who works in the finance world, but you know what I am going to make it happen. Check out information on the webinar here.

I may only be making little, tiny, miniscule steps, but I am taking steps, and in a couple months (hopefully) I am going to look back and be so much further along then I thought I could be. 

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