Thursday, October 11, 2012

LocalLevo Event

Last night I got to participate in the first LocalLevo event in LA. To say it simply, it was amazing.

I am normally painfully awkward in social situations, or at least I tend to feel like that, but I felt completely comfortable with all of these women. 

I realized everyone was there for the same reason, to meet other women, so being the first to strike up a conversation, or exchange emails, twitter names, numbers, was no big deal! And someone was probably glad they didn't have to be the one to ask. 

I have learned that when I feel super awkward, I tend to be overly smiley (is that a word?), chatty, and can't stop talking. Even though I feel like the biggest loser, I think it may come across as a good thing. I hope.  

Also I got to meet Maxie McCoy and Amanda Pouchot and they are possibly the two sweetest girls ever. I had emailed Maxie a few times and I was so looking forward to meeting her. It felt like I had known her for years once we meet! And Miss Amanda was the easiest person to talk to and extremely friendly. They make you feel at ease and welcome and do a great job making sure everyone chats after.

It was such a great event and I am looking forward to more LocalLevo events and spreading the LevoLove

(all photos via LevoLeague twitter. I am in the black shorts and grey shirt and look like I am struggling)

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