Monday, October 8, 2012

Podcast Love

Podcast have become a part of my daily routine. I listen to them while driving to work, at work, and driving home from work.  I get really into one podcast, then a while later, I run out of episodes. Its a problem. 

It is similar to book hangover, or Netfilx TV series hangover. I get really attached to the people and the content, then I have to go through the effort of finding something similar. Luckily, some of the podcast have started recommending other podcast or their listeners like, which helps a ton.

While I do enjoy the learning things, like french, while I am working I need something that requires no concentration. I listen to the worldy ones while driving, and the fun, girly ones while working. It is really improving my day. 

Some of my favorites, besides the ones above, are:
Stuff You Missed In History Class
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Here's The Thing (with Alec Baldwin)
This American Life
The Splendid Table
Slate Gabfest
Slate Culture Talk

Also big tip, when you have a long drive home, in traffic, remember to charge your phone fully so that you dont have turn it on airplane mode so that you don't worry about it dying before you get home.

All can be found in iTunes. 

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