Friday, October 12, 2012

Hello Weekend

I am so excited that it is Friday again. This week has been so busy and go-go-go, which I have actually loved!  I have gotten into a bit of a rut over the past month or so but this week has reminded me just how much I love to do things! And how much I actually enjoy being busy!

Tomorrow, for the first time since graduation, I am going to a college football game! Andrews friends from home are coming down for this game so it should be an exciting weekend of football, catching up, and lots of mimosas and bloody Mary's.

I really want to make some kind of apple cider, fall inspired drink, but I am stuck! I will be sourcing pinterest this afternoon! Any suggestions/recommendations would be wonderful!

This picture has given me such outfit lust! How cute is that fur vest for a fall game, with red jeans?

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