Monday, October 1, 2012

Turning of the leaves

Does anyone else feel like September went by in the blink of an eye? I don't think I have ever had a shorter, quicker month. 

For me, September was a month of chaos. I felt that everything was a mess, and I had no hope of sorting anything out, I was just struggling to stay above water. October is the start of my favorite season and I determined to get my act together so that I can enjoy all that fall and winter has to offer.

I read this post over on Life as an Artistpreneur yesterday and man-oh-man did it hit home. I really felt as if she were writing directly to me. Everything she said was true, I came up with this idea back in March and today as we start October (that is EIGHT months later) I wish I had started back then.

Yes, I have taken little steps towards achieving this goal, and yes, I have talked about it a lot, but the amount of things that I have talked about doing versus the amount things I have actually done, is a horrible statistic.

I have gotten plenty of sleep, watched enough movies, caught up on enough new shows, but what do I really have to show for it? (Besides a very in-depth knowledge of White Collar, no shame there.)

I have been afraid of someone stealing my idea, telling me it won't work, judging me, hating it, and mostly of failing. But isn't that the best time to try?

So here it is, I want to am going to open my business.

And I hope to share this journey with you, and maybe even inspire someone out there.

 Image via Central Park.Org

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