Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's the Little Things

I am trying really hard, really, really hard, to stop spending so much money. And believe me it difficult when there is a mall right across the street from my office (and a bridge to said mall). I do not need to stop into a couple stores and pick up a couple things every few days, it adds up big. 

It is a bit hard to stop treating yourself cold turkey, so I dont. I am trying to focus more on the little treats that are just as rewarding (if not more because there is no lingering guilt). 

Instead of a $4 drink from Starbucks,  I get really great teas. I am a huge tea drinker and love finding new teas so I allow myself to "splurge" when I find one I want to try. Even though it may seem a bit expensive, $10-$20 for a tin/box, it comes out to pennys a bag when you break it down! 

Today I found this fun fall pumpkin tea from Crate and Barrel that I cannot wait to try.

Candles are another thing I allow myself to spend on.  I talked about these fun candles the other day, and there is nothing I love more than lighting a candle and reading a good book (with a glass of wine). I love the smell of fresh linens, the beach, or florals. I purchased a Voluspa candle a couple weeks ago that smelled like my grandmother house and it always makes my room more homey. 

It may be a bit odd to think of buying coasters as a "treat" but I love them. I got a package from Kate Spade and brought them to work and they really brighten my day. They are the brightest think in my gloomy office and keep me from getting water rings all over my desk. There are so many cute, inexpensive options out there. 

I always hesitate to spend $10 on a bottle of nail polish (or maybe it is because I know I have so many at home). It seems like a little much to me, however they last forever. $10 is way less than a manicure, or a pedicure and you get them for more than one use. Very worth it if you ask me. 

What are the little treats you give yourself?

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