Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Never Ending

I make lists, to do list, shopping list, wish lists, goal list, long term list, short term list, etc. 
My favorite weekday morning routine is drinking coffee at my desk, catching up on my google reader, and making my daily to do list. I put everything I can think of on that list, whether or not it needs to be done that day, or next week, it went on that list.

I had long, daunting list full of mostly things I did not want to do. So they didn't get done. And I had to look at them again the next day. My attempt to make myself productive was backfiring.

But the other week I finally sat down and got all the awful task, that were quickly going to cost me money if they were left undid, done. And I felt amazing. 

It took maybe an hour to get them taken care of, but afterwards I had one of the best, stress-free, enjoyable nights I have had in a while. Having a completely crossed off list was a wonderful natural high. 

Today, I still sit down and plan my day out first thing, but I am selective about what I put on my list for that day. I actually have three list, one for the day, one for the week, and one for the month. Tackling one sucky task a day makes it more bearable, and by having only a couple "must do's" they are more likely to get done than if I had a rolling to-do list.

I never thought my moodiness, and down in the dumps attitude would have anything to do with my to do list, but it turns out, it had everything to do with it. 

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