Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do you have a side?

On the rare occasions I do not listen to podcast on the drive to work, I give in and listen to Ryan Secrest. It requires no thought on my part, is easy to listen to in the morning before I have woken up, and "Ryan's Roses" is easily the funniest thing I have heard (think Cheaters on the radio).

The other day, somehow what side of the bed the host slept on came up. 

I thought I was the only person who thought about those things and made a conscious, reasoned choice as to my pick. 

If I am sleeping with someone, anyone, I have to sleep on the side furthest from the door. It makes me feel safer. It is not rational, at all, but its how I feel. It is kind of along the lines of locking my bedroom door, along with my front door. 

If I am sleeping alone, I sleep on the side closest to the door. I am a side sleeper, or stomach sleeper, and I will always be facing the door when I fall asleep. It freaks me out that someone will be able to attack me if I face away from the entry. 

Not that they couldn't come in from my window. Or that they would actually stop if I saw them.

As I said, no rational sane, reason, but either way, I can't change it. 

So I was wondering, what side do you sleep on? Do you have any weird reasoning's or thoughts on the matter? Or am I totally alone in this!

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  1. I sleep next to the wall! It's a comfort thing and I've always done it.