Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dream Job

If I could do anything in the world, anything at all, I would move to the north east and open a Bed and Breakfast.Someplace like Main, or New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, you get the picture.

I would want an old New England home, with shingles, white trim, and a large porch. Someplace that looks aged, built years and years ago, has a history, lots of stories, and creaky floors!
The home would be up on a cliff, not on the ocean but right above it, where you can walk down a path to the sand. You could hear the waves crash from your window, smell the salty air, and forget about the big corporate jungle, if only just for a weekend.

During the summer months all meals would be eaten outdoors, and Sunday dinners would be the place to be. The table would be filled with family's taking their summer vacation, either for a couple days or the entire month, new couples on their first romantic weekend excursion, or elderly couples coming up on their annual trip. There would be plenty of bikes, so guest would be able to ride around town, down to the docks, along main street, or just to grab an ice cream cone, because no one wants to get in a car, ever. And of course there would be wine and hor dourves at sunset, where guest would gather to chat about their day, tell their story, and never look at their iPhone. The wine would never run out and you would always make a friend or three.

Fall would be full of apple picking, sitting in front of the fire with a good book (the shelves would be over following with the classics, and even some cheesy chick lit), and drinking cider on the porch. The Thanksgiving meal is an open door event, where everyone in town wants to be. The pumpkin pie runs out before the turkey and everyone has a glass of bubble (sparkling cider for the kiddos).

Winter would be the quietest season of all, but warm and cozy. Families would come up, couples, and even the lonely traveler would come to the idealic town. All would be greeted with a cup of hot coca and homemade marshmallows. All the blankets would be used, and the common living room would be decorated to the nines. 

There would be cottages on the property, with lush beds, fire places, and fresh flowers. Reserved for thoes who want a bit more privacey. And there would be outdoor showers, who could forget.   

And a hidden pool, surrounded by hedges and large, full trees. Perfect for a warm summer day, cool night swim, or reading a good book.

I promise I haven't though this through at all! Maybe someday we will all gather at my New England end, sipping coffee, chatting, and celebrating the opening weekend!

If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

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