Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Morning Love Affair

When I was a freshmen, I saw with a club team with Olivia, and I remember one day in the locker room, with another swimmer, we were talking about cute underwear. Both of us thought that when our underwear and bra matched, we felt much more put together, and when we wore things we loved, we felt prettier.
I still think that to this day. For some reason, even though no one sees my underwear, or bra, I feel great and ready to take on the day.
 I am not the biggest fan of Victoria Secret, I feel that they have gotten a bit too expensive for what it is and a bit raunchy, on a general basis. They still have some great things, I love their bikins, but I dont get the best feeling going in there. 
This week I am really loving Aerie underwear. They have the cutest choices and all such reasonable prices. I picked up the top pair in every color last week, a few of the lace boy shorts, and could not pass up a couple pairs of stripes.

The bras are basic and don't make me feel like a stripper. And they are comfortable all day long. They are also always having some sort of great promotion!

I also adore Gap Body for everything from underwear, to work out attire, to cute sleepwear.  

Oh, and I love this quote!


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