Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day at the Getty

Over the weekend Andrew and I spent the day at the Getty Museum, which was an amazing experience. We somehow managed to get there right around the opening, which I really recommend for those who are not the biggest fan of crowds. It was a beautiful day (the Getty is known for some spectacular views), we had no plans, and wanted to cross something off our 101 list, and the Getty fit the all the requirements. 

I am a huge fan of tours, I would always rather learn about whatever I am seeing, rather then just see it. If a tour is not avialble I tend to buy a book before hand so I can get some background information and look things up as we go. This goes for towns, musuems, events, historical sites, anything at all.

 We took three tours that day, and I enjoyed them all, but by the end of the second, my mind needed a break.

We had the cutest, nerdiest, tour guide for our fine art tour.  He was so passionate about the subject which really made the information more interesting. We tried to get him for our second tour but couldn't, however I loved our second tour guide as well, she reminded me of the super suite designer from The Incredibles. 

I love the detail of this marble bust. The perals, the curls, the lace, the pendent. I want one done of me, well I want to be that fabulous on a regular basis first!

I always wanted to major in Art History, and to this day, I wish I had. Maybe that is one of the reason I love visiting museum. I love how artist were able to tell a story, capture a moment in history, and speak to people generations later all through a canvas.

My favorite piece we saw was the one in the upper left corner. It was done by a french painter after the end of the first world war (I believe) to show the irony in the celebration and display of French pride and the injured soldier struggling to walk. I bought a book in the gift store and cannot wait to read more about some of the paintings we saw. 

Total nerd. 

There was a collection of fine china and home pieces, which included rugs, chest, drawers, etc. I instantly fell in love with the blue and white pieces when we walked in, I am a huge fan of anything blue and white. 

The pink marble chest was another piece I was in awe of. I really love all things marble and the gold detail just made me stare for a bit too long.

I was ready to Neal Caffrey all these. 

*And yes I just used Neal Caffrey as a verb. And did multiple times that day. Please tell me you know who Neal Caffrey is and what this refers to. 

The uh-mazing views could not be forgotten. When we took our architecture tour we were shown the best views and although it was a bit cloudy, it was gorgeous. On clear days you can see all the way to Catalina, thats twenty six plus miles!

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