Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Ideas. Little Steps.

Over the weekend I spent the day at the Getty Museum, and one of the three tours I took, was about the architecture and inspiration for the development of the center. The Getty was designed by Richard Meier, who is said to be very detailed oriented. The tour guide spent a good amount of time talking about how 30 x 30 played a large role in the layout and design. At one point they were mentioning how the trees were planted in a 15 x 15 grid and the distance between them are all calculated to a specific pattern, and I thought this was great! A looked over to me and said "This is an anal retentive persons dream!" And I realized, thats who I am, I am anal retentive, detail oriented, over organized, stress case!

While I think these are all good personality traits, if they are not kept in check, then they could turn from my strengths into my weaknesses. And recently they are hurting me far more than they are helping me.

Over the past few weeks months, my mind has been filled with ideas, plans, dreams, and all are big. They would take a lot of work, research, planning, failed attempts, struggles, and late nights. It wouldn't happen overnight, it would take dedication, commitment, and a vision.

I want it all to be perfect right away, but I need to remind my self that done at this point is better than perfect. It will get better, and closer to perfect, as I go on. 

And even if it never gets to perfect, if it never becomes something, at least I will have tried. 

I dont like "what ifs" even more than I dont like chaos and so-so work. 

So, starting today I will take little steps. I will cross off things on my to-do list rather continuing to put them off, I will take baby steps to get to where I want to go, and I will step out of my comfort zone to become like the women I admire and the person I want to become. 


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  1. I'm the exact same way (anal retentive, perfectionist, type A)! It can be so frustrating at times to have big dreams and plans that aren't exactly the way I want right at this very moment. I completely understand where you're coming from and this post really put things in my life into perspective.

    xx - Danielle