Friday, July 6, 2012

The Perfect Ending

The last few days of our trip were filled with unexpected ups and downs. We planned to go to Munich for at least two days but ended up only being there for a few hours. We had no reservations and so we were at the mercy of the hotels and trains. 
A beautiful church attached to a modern building. 

How cute are these his and her mugs?
All A wanted to do was eat at the Hofbräuhaus House so we headed there first thing. Well, at least we tried. Getting around was a bit more difficult than other cities (because he wanted to be in charge of the map) but the architecture of the city was beautiful so I had no complaints. 

His and her beers

The Hofbräuhaus House was the first brewery in Munich, which opened in 1589! And they have been brewing the HB brew there ever since! The servers are dressed in typical Bavarian costumes and they had live music. We had bratwurst and a big soft pretzel. 

After just a few hours, a delicious lunch, and much needed latte we were on our way back to Zurich.
Originally, I was bummed to be flying in and out of the same city, but due to the fact it was rainy and stormy on our first day, I am so glad we came back, and the weather was perfect. 

We happened to run into who we believe could only be the official Zurich swan feeder. She had an extremely large grocery bag full of bread and spread it out for about 100 yards. 

Our lunch view
While Zurich is not considered a fashion hub like Paris, everywhere you looked people were dressed to the nines. No sweatpants, or baggy jeans, or yoga pants. The only person you would see in workout clothes were people who were actually working out.

So of course we simply followed the crowd to the most darling lunch spot. Lots of grilled food and we got to eat right on the water. Can I move here now?

A and I climbed to the top of the oldest church in Zurich, which was extrmely scary because I was sure that any moment the teeny, tiny, rickety staircase was going to collapse any moment. But once we got to the top the amazing 360 degree views were worth it. 

Too cute for words

A had never had fondue so we made sure that our last meal of the trip was fondue! Fresh swiss cheese with white was a perfect combination. The only problem was that as the cheese disappeared the flame did not turn down, so the fondue got hotter and hotter. Luckily our mouths didn't suffer any sever burns. 

Our last few hours were spent drinking a bottle of wine, eating macaroons, and listening to live music by the lake. We were surrounded by families watching their children dance, friends eating, couples on dates. The weather was perfect, the food was perfect, the company was perfect.

Taking the first step and traveling with A was a bit scary before we started out but it went much better then I expected. We made did such exciting thing and made wonderful memories. 
I could not have had a better ending to an amazing trip. 

Where will you be heading this summer?

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