Thursday, July 5, 2012

I left my heart in Prague

You know how there are thoes cities that you instantly fall in love with, Prague is one of thoes. And I do not believe that I am alone in that feeling. Everyone I have told about visiting Prague has either expressed their love for the city or their desire to visit themselves.

Beautiful church next to our hotel
Far too excited for cold water

Harry Potter Cafe
One of my close friends Jen had spent the summer after our Junior year studying in Prague and was able to give us such a wonderful city guide. So many of the places we visited or ate we would have passed over because they were hidden or looked shabby. I always feel that personal reccomendations are the best kind simply because you know that person and their taste!

Meat roast
Somehow we ended up in Europe during the Euro Cup so every city we went to was packed! The major perks we found was that most of the people out and about weren't really interested in seeing the major sites so we didnt worry about crowds there, as well as that there was "festivles" going on all around. In the center of the city they had vendors all around selling meat, beer, sweets, anything you could think of!

We stopped and got lunch from the meat guys and A was convinced we got ripped off. He was so upset and would not let it go, he was trying so hard to smile in this picture but really wanted to tell me to knock off the obssesive picture taking. He started eating (and drinking) and finally let it go, as upset as I was as well there was really nothing we could do about it. We didnt speak the language, at all, so trying to reason with them wasnt going to go over and we couldnt very well return it. You are bound to get ripped off once or twice in another country so this was our turn!

Sweet bread

There were bakeries all over the city (and even a few stands) selling the most amzing smelling sweets. No matter which one you chose, they had this sweet cinnamon bread roll thing (above). I am not sure what they are called, but from my attempt at speaking with the baker they are a traditional Czech sweet. We found one bakery that was so tiny that only one person could walk in the aisle at a time, which was difficlut since the baskets were at the front but the baked goods were along the aisle and check out was at the front and it was a whole mess filled with a lot of "pardon me"'s. But that didnt stop us from going back more than a couple times.

On the Charles Bridge with the Castle in the background
Lock gate on the Charles Bridge

The Church on the Castle grounds
The Prauge Castle is breathtaking. It is the largest castle in the world and still occupied today. A lot of the goverement meetings and such take place on the grounds. Europe is filled with amazing churches every where you look and each time I visit one I am blown away, and this was no exception. The detail in the stained glass windows along with the craftsmanship is beautiful. It's hard to imagine that all of this was done by hand, with no computers or calculators or machines of any kind, but it still stands today, in wonderful condition. It makes you think that maybe we should go back to that way of building.

Even though we visited in the summer, there was a feeling of Christmas in the city. So many shops were selling Christmas decorations, ornaments, and presents. These eggs were hand made and beautiful. There was so many variations, colors, designs etc. I wish I could have taken a dozen home with me but there is no way that they would have all made it home without being smooshed. I hope one day to return to Prague during Christmas time because I am sure it is the most magical city all lit up and festive.

One of my favorite parts of the castle was Golden Lane. It was a row of houses that use to be occupied by craftsmen and gaurds. Some of the homes were kept as they would have been to show how they lived, others were turned into shops, and the upstairs was a musume of the armor the soldiers would ware.

John Lennon wall

Prague was a fairy tale land. I think I said that about 100 times while we were there. It feels like a real life Disneyland. Walking through the allys and in and out of shops was like a dream. Everything was colorful and happy and magical. I wish I could have stayed for weeks, there is still so much I wanted to explore. If you are planning a trip to Europe I definitly reccomend, no insist, you add Prague to you plans.

Have you ever been to Prague? What was your favorite part?

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