Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spending Freeze

I have been lusting over these things for a while but knowing that I would be moving back home, I didn't want to buy things I would only have to pack up. 

While I was unpacking yesterday I realized that I have way too much stuff. It doesn't help that I am living at home in my old room with ALL my stuff that I refuse to give away. 

This month I am dedicating my time (when I am not studying) to cleaning up and organizing my room and all my things. 

I want to give away clothes I dont wear, organize the memories I want to keep, and learn how to recognize what I really need to buy as opposed to what I buy on impulse. 

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  1. New follower! But I went through all my clothes last weekend and they are sitting in totes in my room to give away, I am having such a hard time getting rid of them