Friday, March 9, 2012

Changing My Habits

The other day I went snowshoeing two days in a row and had a great time! It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect.

But the second day A and I went with his dad and my pathetic self couldn't keep up!

I wanted to blame it on the altitude but it has been three months so I knew I couldn't.

I am out of shape, plain and simple.

I havent worked out more then 4 or 5 days since December and it is starting to be obvious. Thanks to Paleo I have actually lost weight, but I can tell how little energy I have and how easily I get out of breath!

I love being active and doing things but the cold weather is very deterrent! 

So starting today I am making a change. I am back home, the weather is much nicer, and I have no excuses! 

I will be following Paleo more strictly and being active every day.

During March I am going to focus on just running and doing yoga on my own. Then in April I want to start doing Purebarre. 

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