Monday, January 16, 2012

Seven On Sunday

Last week I saw another blog (I cant remember which one) that each week they were going to do a recap of seven pictures that summarized their week. 

I thought it was a great idea and a great way to use the pictures I randomly take throughout the week. 

On Monday I finally went out and walked in the snow. I am very obsessed with my new running jacket. Its warm and cute as well as matches my Brazil shoes perfectly.

Tuesday has been designated as Date Day. We both have all day off and so we always make it special. This week I made dinner and A was in-charge of dessert. I made chicken with goat cheese wrapped in bacon.  He got raspberries and cream and made homemade whip-cream to put on top of the berries. It was so delicious and light after our heavy meal. Plus its paleo!

Wednesday was my first yoga class and I loved it! I was so soar for almost 3 days after but I cant wait to go back. This was the view of PCMR when I got out of class. 

Thursday I got up early to meet A at Starbucks for coffee before he had to go to work. It was 4 degrees at 8am!!! I was freezing my bum off!! 

Friday I went grocery shopping and stalked up for both the snow coming in and sundance!

Saturday I finally started really reading my CFA books. I went to Atticus Tea Room on main and was pleasantly surprised. Too bad there is no way I will be venturing anywhere near Main Street until after the 29th. 

Today A and I went to lunch in between when I got off work and he started work and I finally got fried pickles again. So yummy.  

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