Tuesday, February 5, 2013

EITNB: Emily from Joey's Sweet Treats

Happy Tuesday everyone! I know these post are suppose to come on Mondays, but I learned a huge lesson in preparedness this weekend! Things happen! And most of the time they are not things you are prepared for. Getting sick isn't something you can put on your calendar, or push off until you are less busy! This isn't a new lesson, but I am now looking at it with a new perspective.

Being not only on top of things, but getting ahead, is something I need to work on! I need to better prepare for things that I can't always see coming. They always say the best teacher is experience, and I can very much attest to that today!

Today I am excited to introduce you to Emily from Joey's Sweet Treats! I came across Joey's Sweet Treats on Twitter and was hooked! Even though I could go on and on about the concept and the adorable brand, I will Emily do that for us.

  Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Emily Chess and my mother, Marybeth Chess, and I are the founders of Joey’s Sweet Treats. I was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia where our company is based and now live in Charleston, South Carolina. My mother is a Chicago native, but has lived in Marietta for over 20 years now. As one of six children in our family (all born within a ten-year span), my life has always been very eventful to say the least! I, along with the majority of my siblings, am a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in Marketing which has aided me in handling the business side of Joey’s. My mother is the baker extraordinaire &  creative genius behind all of our concoctions. We are an excellent team!

 Tell us about your company:

My mother has always been a fabulous in the kitchen and after years of encouragement from family & friends to transform this passion into a business, we made it happen in early 2012 with Joey’s Sweet Treats. My mother inherited her love of baking from her own mother, Joey Bireley, from whom the company got its name. At this moment, we sell a variety of gourmet cookies- each uniquely named for a family member. I’d love for you to visit our site at www.joeyssweettreats.com to learn more!

When starting your company, what did you find the most helpful? 

We were lucky enough to have a handful of brilliant & talented friends (my father included!) that have a multitude of business & startup experience willing to walk us through the process and offer their advice each step of the way. I find myself thinking very frequently about how much I hope they realize how appreciated they actually were!

What is the best advice you can give to someone who wants to start their own company?

Patience is key! Progress with most any new business is likely going to be a gradual climb. I’ve found that it has been most beneficial to put in the time building a strong brand & foundation to grow upon, so patience has totally paid off in our case!
     What are your goals for your company?
After being primarily web based thus far, we are just beginning to break into the retail market with a few outlets in Charleston. We plan to continue to grow to more cities & markets throughout the year. Also included in the 2013 plans is to expand upon our product offering. A cookie flavor for each child in our family is already in the works, along with the addition of my mother’s legendary Sour Cream Coffee Cake- an old family recipe that is seriously amazing.

What are three things on your desk?

I’m a huge fan of Le Pen and typically have at least five different color pens on my desk at all times. I love having a candle lit- my favorite at the moment was a Christmas gift from a friend, Voluspa’s Santiago Huckleberry. Last but not least & a bit clich├ę, my iPhone never seems to be far away.
Coffee or tea?
Yes and yes! Coffee to start the day & tea in the afternoon- a Chai Tea Misto is my favorite.
Paper or electronics?
While I know electronic tends to be more efficient, I always favor paper. I love anything handwritten- whether it be a to-do list, a calendar, or a thank you note. There’s nothing better than a surprise snail mail letter from a friend! We’ve incorporated this love into all of our gift options at Joey’s- whenever you have the option to include a gift message that note will come handwritten to its recipient as a more personal touch.
Sweet or salty?
Sweet! Obviously I’m going to have to biased on this one and tell you our Katharine’s Cookie (a carrot cake cookie) is my favorite!
Beach or mountains?
Always the beach. I’ve grown up going to St. Simon’s lsland in Georgia & it will always remain one of my favorite places! Anytime she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll most likely find my mother on our porch is St. Simon’s as well.
Any other things you want to share about yourself, starting your own company, any advice, resources etc?
While starting your own business can seem daunting, it’s also incredibly fun & rewarding. One of my favorite quotes comes from author Margaret Shepard, “Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.” Joey’s Sweet Treats was a leap of faith & we’ve found ourselves so pleasantly surprised & enjoying each and every day. Perhaps it’s time for you to take your own leap of faith?!

Thank you so much Emily for sharing with us! I think this was a huge sign that I, and others out there, need to take that leap of faith!

Say "hi" over on Twitter, and check out there website. Personally, I think these would be the perfect Valentine gift for friends and family around the country!

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