Monday, January 7, 2013

EITNB: Branding

Branding is huge these days and is implied to everything, blogs, business and personas. As I attempt to create my own personal and business brand there are a few people/companies that really stand out to me. I admire these companies for their ability to make their brand visible through every aspect and to communicate the "lifestyle" they are trying to create through their company.

I am currently working on creating a brand for myself and company and it is much harder than I thought! I want to pick the right colors, right font, right logo, etc etc. I want consistency and to be able to clearly convey the message I want to share, I just need to figure out exactly what that message is.

So for now I am gaining inspiration around the web, from blogs, to pinterest, to other companies who do what I want to do so well.

Kiel James Patrick & Sarah Vickers. When you see the photos Sarah and Kiel post, who doesn't want to jump into their pictures New England life? To me their brand is all about good old fashion American traditions and a classic lifestyle. Their company is focused around bringing american products back, as well as promoting classic preppy pieces. They are able to really communicate these ideas through every part of social media they touch. If I could ever portray my brand idea half as clearly as they do, I would be happy.


Tuckernuck. Tuckernuck is right up there with KJP in creating a company and brand that represents the classic, east coast preppy lifestyle. Everything they post makes me want to pack my bags and move east, as well as purchase everything they offer. They are able to clearly communicate their brand of fun, preppy, and classic style that they want to represent.


Ashley Brooke Design. To me, ABD's brand is all about consistency. Through her IG and blog, she invites readers into her beautiful and festive world. All of her images are easily identifiable as hers as well as tie into the products she offers. I look to her as insperation for creating consistancy in my own brand.

What brands inspire you? Are there any good books/sites/pinterest that you look to?

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