Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Weekend

I am so so so excited for this weekend! While I wouldn't say no to an extra day or two added to this week to get more done, I am going to have the hardest time getting through the next 24 hours!

Tomorrow (at the godawful hour of 6 am) I am getting on a flight to New York City for a whole week.

One of my best friends from college lives there, another one happens to be going this weekend too (she had to reshcedul her trip due to Sandy!), I get to see my favorite little cousins, and get to spend time in the city and out in Southampton.

I have stocked up on long sleeves, scarves, mittens, cute socks, boots, and hope that I dont freeze my fingers off!

I am so excited to eat, drink, and see the city in all its holiday glory.

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