Monday, November 12, 2012

EITNB: Resources

One of the most important parts of any adventure is the resources you have to help you along the way. It is no different when starting your own company. I am faced with so many question every day, from which site is best for web hosting to where do I file for an LLC, even where to print business cards! 

Even with the best laid plans, there are always snags in the road, and you need somepalce to go ask a question, or even just have someone say "you can do it!!" 

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I am sure you have all heard of Levo League by now, and I would suggest getting familiar with them if you haven't yet. Even if you aren't wanting to start your own company, or even looking to changes jobs anytime in the near future, I would recommend familiarizing yourself with them! 
I follow their twitter and it is the perfect summary for me, I don't have to spend extra time navigating the site for the newest article, and I never forget an office hours. They are constantly updating their feed, along with summaries so I know what I am getting into before I click through.
Their site is set up so that it is extremely easy to find all the articles about a certinain question or topic you may have. As well as job postings, comments, upcoming office hours, and recapped office hours.

Also LocalLevo may just be the best thing I have encountered in a while. It is such a great platform for connecting women in your city, it gives the company a face and a much more personalized feeling. Without some of the women I have met with, I don't think I would have gone ahead with this adventure!

Find them here Website // Twitter // Facebook //Instagram // Pinterst 

Chic CEO is another great resource I have found. They focus solely on women who have started/want to start their own company. They are similar to Levo in that they post articles, have interviews with successful women,  and give women a platform to connect. In addition they offer profiles of entrepreneurs  who they are, what they do, their story, etc. I really enjoy looking through these profiles for ideas and inspiration.  They have resources for buying a franchisse, inventing products, pattens, as well as links to other resources that will be even more helpful and tailor to each need.  They also run Chic Sirens, a sort of boot camp for starting out.

Check them out here Website // Twitter // Facebook

Ladies Who Launch is very similar to Chic CEO, great articles, great profiles, and great inspiration.
Even though all of these sites seem similar, they all offer different content and a different view point, so I am rarely seeing repeat information. LWL offeres a similar service to LocalLevo, they have "chapters" in a couple of cities around the country and host events such as workshops and talks. It is a bit more structured than LocalLevo, and I like both, so that is why I use them both. 

Their website is here.

I also regularly check The Everygirl, which may not be focused on business as much as the first three, but I do love their career feature, as well as the rest of their content. 

Do you have any great resources, or websites you check regularly? I am also looking for new sites. 

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