Monday, July 2, 2012


A and I recently took a spontaneous backpacking trip through Europe.

Backpacking through Europe was one of the things on our 101 in 1001 list, and with him starting law school in the fall, and me working, it was the perfect time.

While we chose the cities we wanted to go to, we had nothing planned. 

I flew to JFK on Wednesday morning and had an extra long layover (about 18 hours) in the city. I was so excited that I got to squeezing in seeing my best friend Kat and I absolutely loved the city. 

A and I met at JFK on Thursday afternoon to fly to Zurich, and I am so glad we did. Who flys to Zurich on a Thursday? Not many people, so we were so fortunate to get upgraded to Business class. It was such as spoiling experience, the food, the wine, the seats, everything was so wonderful. 

{changing train board}

{So tired and sick that the only thing I wanted to ware was running tights and a sweatshirt}

 {Swiss National Museum}

When we got to Zurich it was raining and we decided to spend some time inside exploring the Swiss National Museum. It was in the most beautiful building that I could have been happy just sitting on the lawn. If you are ever in Zurich I highly recommend spending some time at this museum.

{A and I infront of the largest clock face in Europe. We didnt know that at the time!}

{Along the river}

{Dressed to the nines for the rain storm}

{Braving the rain}

On almost every street was a floral shop filled with the most amazing flowers, heck there was even a flower cart at the airport. I was so taken with how the colors popped and how full and perfect they were. If I could do anything in this world I would move to Zurich and open a flower shop in a heartbeat! 

After a wonderful, yet rainy day first day in Europe, we hopped on an overnight train to Berlin, which I will share tomorrow!

Have you ever been to Switzerland? What was your favorite part? 

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