Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Love Affair: The Olympics

To say I like the Olympics is a major understatement. I love visiting the past Olympic sites when I travel to new cities. All the amazing athletes and historic events that took place there make me feel like I am in the presences of greatness. I am not sure where my obsession with all things Olympics comes from. Maybe it was that I was convinced I was going to the Olympics when I was younger. It wasn't just a dream or something that may happen one day, I was sure. I was a competitive swimmer from about 8 years old to 15 years old and I was good. I didn't have the best coaches and eventually lost interest in the sport, but not the Olympics.

I also really love London. I love the way the speak, the way they talk, their history, their traditions, just to name a few. If I could live anywhere outside America, London would be one of my top choices. So combine my love for the Olympics and London and this just may be my favorite event yet, I should be there! However, I wouldn't mind spending my honeymoon in Rio in four years!


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