Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Love Affair: Minnie Pants


This Sunday doesn't feel like a real Sunday since I will be taking tomorrow off work. It is the perfect day with none of the looming work week feeling.

This Sunday will be filled with family brunch, coffee dates with friends, the local farmers market, window shopping (maybe some real shopping), and a home cooked meal.
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I have been head over heals with the Minnie pants from JCrew since I bought my first pair a few weeks ago. I have heard about them for quite sometime, yet never thought they would be my kind of thing. Once I started looking to expand my work wardrobe I decided to give them a try, and it was love at first fit.

I wear skirts and dresses once in a while but feel most comfortable wearing pants and a button down, or nice blouse. I have never been able to find nice work pants that don't make me look too boy-ish. Then comes the Minnie's. They fit to your body (but go down a size, they stretch a ton!) and allow you to still look like a girl. The flatter you, they are extremely comfortable, and can be worn on any occasion. And best of all, they are extremely affordable. 
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Right now I only have the navy and black pair but I am dying to order the tan and red. Have you tried the Minnie Pants? What is your favorite item in your closet?

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