Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heels VS Flats

Almost every morning, or night if I am organized enough to pick my outfit out the night before, I have the debate of wearing heels or flats to work.
Some outfits, at least I feel, almost require heels to look professional, such as pencil skirts. Although, I am currently wearing both flats and a pencil skirt. Whoops.


The office has a very liberal business casual dress code which I like. The men have it quite easy, slacks and a button down, and little bit more causal on Fridays if they choose. The only time I see them in jackets is when they have investor meetings.
The women on the other hand have a bit more of a challenge because we have more options. I tend to stick to the minnie pants and a button down, or a cardigan, or blazer. Sometimes I branch out and wear a dress or a skirt. But, I enjoy dressing professional, and so I do.
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I do not always wear heels though. I have never been much of a heels girl, they hurt my feet, make me feel like a giant ( I am only 5’5 so I know that I am not), and I cannot walk to far in them. Some days I opt for flats, but they are always nice, “professional” flats.
I never saw this as a problem until the other day I was speaking with someone and they kept glancing down at my feet. I do not know if they were surprised, like my shoes, or what, but it made me feel as if I was dressing too casual.
Some of the woman in my office wear heels that I would never consider wearing to work, heck I would never wear them out because they are too much for me. But that is me. I dress semi-conservatively and I think I always look put together, but maybe wearing flats makes me look too comfortable.


So it made me wonder, are flats never okay in an office setting? Is it always the right choice to wear heels no matter what kind?
Even the girls at Style Me Pretty above can't decied!
What do you prefer? Heels vs flats? What do you wear to work each day?

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  1. Flats can look very professional! More and more women are starting to wear them to the office- I think it is silly to think that we must wear heels to look professional. Thinking women must wear heels to be professional is actually quite a sexist concept- they restrain the way a women walks, are uncomfortable, cause feet and back problems and pain(scientifically proven), cause us to be slower. Maybe in the 70's or in Mad Men times they were necessary, but as women have evolved and are now equal to men in the work place( or almost, since there is still the wage gap :(( ) more women are saying no to heels as it is just ridiculous and silly to force ourselves to wear them out of vanity. If only men knew what we women go through! There is no way a man would put up with wearing stilts from 9-5! lol