Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spicy Carmel Bacon Popcorn

My boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with bacon. He will put it on anything and everything. 

Over the weekend I was wasting spending time reading new blogs, clicking through recommended ones and some how came across Spicy Carmel Bacon Popcorn

It is super easy and super difficult at the same time. 

Making the bacon, popcorn, and the dry mix, easy as could be. Even make the carmel was easy, but then when I added the baking soda and cayenne pepper it all went wild.

The recipe mentions that it will bubble up, but not how extreme it will be! It overflowed, got all over my stove, all over me, all over everything. And then dried. Quick. 

But the end product came out delicious. The bacon is such a great kick and makes for something very original. 

It would be a great christmas gift, or hostess gift!

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