Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5 things...

This post/topic has been floating around the Internet for ages now! It is one that I absolutely love because it gives us a bit more of a glismp at the person behind the blog! The five things tend to be things we would never dedicate an entire post about, but are interesting none the less! I was tagged by the lovely Danielle and so here it goes...
Its true, but not in that way! I drink an extreme about of water. At least twice the daily "recommended" amount. And I have fallen in love with the Camelbak Eddy. I get sick when I think about how many plastic bottles I use to got through to support my habit  I switched over to glass Voss bottles around freshmen year because they were more "healthy" to refill than plastic. They got a bit to big to carry around so I tried the aluminum bottles, but hated the taste. Also, I am a huge sucker for eating when I am bored, but I am doing my best to curb those cravings with water and tea. This bottle is helping so much!
Its true, and I have no shame! I love my iPhone, I do, but some days I really miss that red blinking light. I went through so much with my BlackBerry, and had it all through college until I left in in Hawaii senior year. I never thought I would be one to switch over to an iPhone but I am so glad I did. However, I have been thinking about going back for a little. Can you really tell me you dont miss BBM-ing! If they ever get instagram on those things I just may jump ship again!

I crave all things simple and classic. (Maybe that is one of the reasons I was so fond of my BB.) Don't get me wrong, I love trends, styles, and fads as much as the next twenty something, but when it comes to my own life, I like the classics. My closet is filled with pencil skirts, skinny jeans, oxfords, cardigans,  stripes, and mostly in shades of blue. I have 1 purses, 1 tote, and 1 crossbody. I will pick a book over an e-reader any day. I still send snail mail and cookies. I crave early mornings, and nights in. I think a guy should ask a girl out on a proper date. And the guy should act like a gentlemen the entire night. I call my mom at least once a day. I appreciate manners and discretion, and believe that even though we live in a social media dominated world there are somethings (many things) that should be kept to ones self. I believe in courtesy and thoughtfulness. I know homemade is always better. I think 95% of fashion trends are ridiculous  I would rather stay in and read a book than go out to a club. I believe in not airing your dirty laundry. And I believe in office hours and weekends. Even though I realize this blurb is anything but simple, I think they make for a simple/classic life.

Oh, and I believe that my great grandmothers chocolate chip cookie and hot fudge recipes can cure any bad day.

With the above being said, I also believe in to each its own. Dont try to change me and I wont you. And man do I love a good train wreck! Thanks to social media there are so many out there! Andrew asks me why I continue to follow these people who get me so flustered and who I just cant understand, but I thrive on the drama. Well not really. I dont like to be involved in the actual drama, I just like to hear/read about it. I mentioned it here, but it is all driven by curiosity. I am fiercely curious about other people and other ways of life, no matter how much I think its wrong. And because I never want to be directly involved with gossip and drama, online train wrecks, are the best!

I have slight dyslexia. It dosen't effect my everyday life but I do switch up letters and numbers. And I work with numbers! I also read all the time! It doesnt slow me down either, I probably read faster than I should. I pretty much skip over words that I cant pronounce (in my head) when I really should look it up, sound it out, or ask. If it doesn't effect my ability to understand the story line or actions, I just keep going. This did however make reading aloud in school a major fear, and probably attributed to my speaking too fast! My point is that when there are spelling or grammatical errors in post/emails/tweets/etc. it isn't due to carelessness  Its actually the opposite, I spend too much time trying to read it over, but things will slip by because my brain doesn't catch it!
And I am a bit of a grammar brat when it comes to simple things like than/then, to/too/two, those things.

It took me forever to learn how to spell does, I made a trick that it doesn't cant spell sent (dosen't). Tricks help. S and E's are the worse.

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