Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Morning Love Affair: Cute Kiddos in Cute Costumes

Truthfully, Halloween is not my holiday, I dont even like calling it a holiday. I do pretty much always end up getting suckered into going out, but I always pull together something very last minuet, and very easy. 

One year my friends and I went to Vegas and so I went all out. And I was super happy with how my two outfits turned out, however the amount of money I spent on something I wore once, and didnt even have the option of possibly re wearing, or lending out was ridiculous. So I tend to pick outfits that I make from my closet, or involve picking up fabric from the craft store. 

However kiddos in cute halloween costumes are just too adorable. Most of these I found on Etsy and or could easily be made at home (I want to be the grown up cookie monster, complete with crocs this year!)

Plus you can share kid halloween costumes with your friends kids, or your younger kids since they don;t tend to rip as much or have spilled drinks all over! 

I have heard that Big Bird is the it costume this year, with all ages. I think it is safe to say the presidential debates are to thank for that! 

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