Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Housewarming Gifts

Towels//Wine glasses//Wine opener

I have never been so jealous of people going back to school. This is the first fall I will not be back at school, and I miss it. A lot.

By the end of school, I was done. I wanted out. I hate the town I was in, I missed all my friends who had graduated, and I never thought I would miss any of it.

Boy was I wrong. I knew I would miss college, but I never thought I would miss the town, but I do. So much! I would give anything to be back there tomorrow, even sitting in classes.

A started law school last week, and moved to a new town a couple weeks before that. I also have quite a few friends who have been moving to new cities, starting new jobs, starting graduate school, following boyfriends, etc. Everyone is doing such exciting things in their lives, and I want to acknowledge those moments and be supportive!

State dish towels: I am sure you have seen the state pillows by now, which are adorable, but a bit pricey. These dish towels are just as fun, and only $20! They have cities as well. Wrap it up with a whisk or a wooden spoon and you have a perfect gift and easy to send!

Wine, wine glasses, and a wine opener: A great bottle of wine, with the necessities is simple and always appreciated. If you aren't able to stop by, wine isn't so easy to send, but glasses and an opener are light enough to put in a small box with a BevMo gift card and voila!

Their favorite coffee:I picked A up a bag from Pannikin because there isn't one near him, and it is one of our favorites. But pick their favorite, or even your favorite, and help them wake up! Most coffee shops have a website and ship it for you. Could it be any easier?

Travel book: I only ever use to buy travel books when I was leaving the country. But recently my friend Katherine moved to New York and her grandma gave her some. I thought it was a bit odd at first but then I realized how brilliant it is. What a better way to go from tourist to local then really getting to know your new city. Travel books give the history of the city, along with little fun facts, as well as must see places. Read through it first and put sticky notes in places you think look fun, or things you'll want to do together. Help them get to know their new home.

Blanket: Who doesn't love a new blanket. Help make their new home cozy and a bit more "homey."

The best part of housewarming, or college gifts, is that they are never too late to send. I have a couple friends who I owe a gift or two too, but who ever gets mad at recieving a gift.

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