Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day

Just like every girl, my mom is my best friend! She is the most inspirational, supportive, wonderful person I know.

She has competed in countless triathlons and Ironmans, taken me backpacking through Europe, shipped me out of the country a few times, taught me how to laugh at myself, shown me what a real relationship is made of, been there through it all, and loved me through everything.

For mothers day her and my dad came down and we went to one of the Olympic trial races for the Olympic Triathlon team.

I have never done a triathlon, but I have been to my fair share of them! Most of the races I have gone to have been Ironmans or half Ironmans. And watching those insane distances, I have never even wanted to try. But after watching the Olympic distance, I could defiantly be into trying one!

Going to Kona, HI for the Ironman world championships has always been my favorite race. I have gotten out of school for a week each October to go lay on the beach, standup paddle board, and of course watch amazing athletes (including my dad!) compete the crazy race!

Chris McCormick, is a well known triathlete from Australia, who has been friends with my parents for a while. The have gone to similar races, and the same camps etc, and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Hunter is one of my parents friends, Michael, athletes (Michael is a sports agents!). He has been on Wheeties boxes (I have a signed one!) and commercials and this will be his fourth Olympics! He came in first for the Americans and it was so fun to watch him compete live.

 We were standing near the swim start and when we got there we were on sand. By the time it started I was up to my ankles in water, my mom who had her shoes on, was standing on the rails. And a bunch of others were wading in up to their knees!

It was definitely an untraditional mothers day, but I had a wonderful day with my parents! 

What did you do for mothers day?!

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