Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Last Stretch

If you haven't already finished school, you are almost there! While I graduated last semester, I have been consumed with studying for the past six months, and I take my test on June 2nd, so I am almost done as well.

While I wish I could say studying has been similar to school, it hasn't, it has been much worse. 

While in school I would study a day or two before the test while in the library with everyone else in the business school. It was a great time, I actually looked forward to late nights, stressing over notes, walking around trying to find someone else in your class you could ask questions, eating in the hospital cafeteria (the food was actually pretty good!), and getting coffee jitters.

Now I sit in my room, alone, with coffee and food I make at home. The only good thing is that I am much more productive. Weird, I know.

A few things to get through the last stretch

A big, nice desk that you can spread out on.

A comfy chair that has great back support. Who wants a bad neck and soar back on test day?

Coffee, lots of coffee. Or tea. I  always choose a breve chi with no foam and no water.

Eat chocolate. Because why not?

Warm comfy socks! I hate when I have cold feet and the NAP socks from Brookstone are warm and fuzzy.

Also water. Lots of water!

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