Monday, March 12, 2012

Eat Like The Locals

{Homemade organic soap, fresh strawberries, lobster tails}

One of the things I was most excited about coming for, were farmers markets! In Park City its a bit too cold to have farmers markets year round but in Southern California we are lucky enough to have fantastic weather most of the year.

I found 3 farmers markets very close to me on a website that list market every day! 

Yesterday I went to one that was less then a mile from my house, and the best part, it started at 1pm! Most markets begin early morning and so that requires waking up even earlier, which I am not a fan of on Sunday mornings.

{fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade} 

There were such great, fresh, and local produce. My first purchase of the day were lobster tails, 11 for only $20 dollars. Also I got local raw honey, great in my coffee, and paleo! Also I went home with some other items that I am very excited to use this week.

 {Bacon avocados, local raw honey, fresh tabouli}

I finally found kale that I am excited to add to my green monster smoothies. 
The mini avocados will be great so that I dont let half go bad.  

 {fresh flowers, mini avocados, kale}

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