Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Packed Up!

A and I are off! The car is packed, the snow is falling, the snack are bought, all that is left is garlic burgers on the way out of town!

We are going to Las Vegas tonight, then Palm Springs for the weekend, and finally San Diego. 

I use to LOVE packing! Picking out outfits, organizing, planning and anticipating the upcoming trip were all so exciting. These days I am not a fan. Maybe it is because I am packing up and moving (to school, from school, etc) and it takes a lot more time, is hard to fit in my car, and the drives are so long. 

I am very proud of the fact every year, every move, I have fit it all in my car! Besides the one semester I drove an explorer, I have had a Jetta, an A4 and another Jetta. They are small cars. I credit it to my tetris skills. 

My car has always been packed full, and once A started driving with me, it has only gotten more crowded. I do enjoy having the company on the long drives though.

My room always gets worse before it gets better. And somehow A always gets out of packing my car up!

As excited I am for this weekend and to be going home, I am very sad to leave Park City (especially now that we are getting all this snow).

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